water table

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 a coffee table in glass and  elm

Water Table1_600

inspired by a still pool between boulders at low tide on Caerfai beach, St Davids, Pembrokeshire

Water Table5_600

I’ve shaped the surface to accentuate the fluid figuring and echo the shapes of stones, pebbles and ripples in the sand.

Water Table2_600

And the elm has such a range of natural of colours, from near reds to greens, that I decided to leave it untreated.

Water Table4_600

Actually  the decision was made for me one evening when I was in St Davids Cathedral. I was looking at the carving of a knight on the surface of a very old stone tomb where the high points of the face and body had been burnished to a shine by thousands of hands over hundreds of years. And I thought how wonderful it would be for the wooden surfaces of the table to be transformed by stroking hands over the years.

Water Table3_600

So this is a table to be stroked and stared into with that beautiful beach and its boulders in mind.

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