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Here is the collection of sculptural lights and tables inspired by the tiny marine world inside a hole in a large boulder at Caer Bwdy Bay near St Davids in Pembrokeshire.

At the edge of the small bay is the quarry that produced the stone for St David’s Cathedral, and this is a boulder of that same stone.  What caught my eye was the near perfect roundness of the hole in an otherwise smooth boulder and the vitality and delicacy of the life in the little rock pool.

There is no obvious way that the hole could have been created naturally and I wonder whether it was bored into the rock as part of the quarrying process.

Playing with the idea of a pool of life and light in the dark stone led to the creation of these pieces in collaboration with glass artist, Amanda Lawrence.  In the day time they catch the natural light, and at night the glass is illuminated by a ring of embedded LEDs.

The rock pool collection includes horizontal and  vertical table lamps, a floor lamp, side or sofa-end tables, and a console table for your hall way.   They are made from organically coloured wood fibre board made from forestry waste, English beech, sycamore, or ash, and fused and sand-blasted glass. The glass illuminated by low energy LEDs, and the pieces are finished with organic orange oil waxes.  The LEDs are easy to replace if necessary, and have a very long life compared with conventional lights.


Rock pool tables and lights can also be designed to fit with clients’ own specifications and needs – just let me know what you would like.


table lamp £230
floor lamp £295
side table £350
console table £520


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