May Day - oak garden bench

may day bench

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a garden bench inspired by the surge of springtime growth.

Made from untreated air-dried Englsih Oak that will weather to a distinguished silver grey in our idiosyncratic climate.  Each bench is unique in its shape with the back determined by careful choice of figuring in the wood and tailored to the specific garden and client.

This version (completed on May 1st 2010) was made for a client who loved the lively and energetic upswept curves of the back. It seems to embody the surge of spring growth that was happening all around us as the May Day bench was made.

The curved profile that I have planed into the seat and back are designed for comfort during prolonged periods of sitting and staring at the beauty of your garden. And because each  bench is individually handmade, they can be as wild, calm, tall, short, wide or narrow as you like.

May Day Bench by Grant Sonnex

May Day Bench by Grant Sonnex