Porthmelgan sideboard

A sideboard in native brown, pale and tiger oak, inspired by the rock strata at Porthmelgan, Pembrokeshire. It was is inspired by the layered rock formations at the little bay that sits under the rocky outcrop of Carn Llidi just a couple of miles from my workshop.

porth melgan rock face_600

The first time I walked down into the bay the sun was catching the iron in the rocks and they were glowing orange in the evening light.  I knew I wanted to make something that captured the richness of colour and dramatic shape of these rocks and it was when I tried to imagine what it would be like to slide the rocks apart and see what lay behind them that I had the idea of making a sideboard with sliding doors where you could do just that.

central door open revealing the drawers

The Porthmelgan sideboard has three sliding doors made of some extroardinary tiger oak which you can read about on the blog.  They are made of thin layers like the strata in the rocks themselves and each edge is shaped to catch the light.



Behind the central door, at the heart of the piece, are three traditionally-made dovetailed drawers with richly figured fronts that you have to reach in and pull out like treasures from inside the rock face.




and grounding the whole piece, the pale sandy base and legs recall the sandy floor of the bay.


This is furniture inspired by a landscape and built in that landscape, so it’s a particular pleasure to be able to take the clients who commissioned it to see the origin of the sideboard that is now in their home….. and, curiously, a storm the day before we visited had washed away the sand of Porthmelgan to reveal a jumble of boulders. This is a wild and dynamic landscape!


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