improvisation in earth tones

After all those months of working with white for the land, sea and light collection, my palate/palette was well and truly cleansed.  So I’m beginning to open my eyes to colour…

With the help of Stewart Geddes, the president of the academicians at the RWA (Royal West of England Academy) I’m really getting the fact that all colour is relative… every colour given its character by relationships with those around it..  I wanted to see those relationships change with time, not just have them frozen in a finished piece.  So for this piece I decided my starting point would be black and my end point white, but I wanted to improvise my way from one to the other.  It turned into an impro in earth tones filmed over about 3 hours. Don’t worry, it’s condensed into 9 minutes.  Amazing how the warmth, coolness, brightness and hue of the colours seems to change as each new one is added.

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