“I want my furniture to look like that.”

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When I was first training as a furniture maker I saw a print on a friend’s wall.  It was a painting of a dark headland on the horizon of a grey-green sea.  I want my furniture to look like that – I thought.  Which seemed strange, because there was nothing furniture-like about the image..

…but the painting had some quality that I wanted to find in my own work – a simplicity, a strength, a serenity.

When I saw that painting some 5 years ago I didn’t know John-Knapp Fisher and I hadn’t been to Pembrokeshire since I was a child.  Now I live here, my work is inspired by the same coastal landscape that John painted for years and, to my delight I now know John and he commissioned from me a small, dovetailed oak chest.This piece now sits in his room beneath the original of that very painting, Headland 1972.  What an extraordinary coincidence, and what a pleasure it was to tell John that story.  You can see more photos of the chest on the gallery page of this site.

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