Earth first bowl

When I was scraping the outside of my first coil pot with an old veneer saw blade to break up the surface before smoothing it I liked the texture so much that I kept it as a feature of the pot and tried to contrast it with other burnishd smooth areas. Then, in the glaze […]

birch bark vase

handmade stoneware vase by Grant Sonnex

The mixture of matt and shiny white glazes and the way they interact reminded me very much of the birch trunks that I see daily walking the dog in Leigh Woods outside Bristol. Where the glazes are resisted by little brush marks of wax painted onto the bisque fired pot they produce highlights of orange […]

What I fancy making

A week walking in the Yorkshire Dales and then a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with its new Sean Scully exhibition has left my senses thrilled and my thoughts questioning the ability of art to communicate even the vaguest inkling of past experience.

clay, wood and beauty

I think there’s a great affinity between ceramics and wood. I treated myself after a recent commission to this beautiful piece by local potter, Paul Bradley.  It’s very refined and yet has a natural coarseness to the surface and obviously a seed-like inspiration to the form; a combination of the natural and refined that I […]