land, sea and light

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Land, sea and light is a collection of 17 white reliefs, hung as the doors of oak and beech cabinets, inspired by the cliffs and beaches of the St Davids Peninsula, Pembrokeshire.

while storms rage

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While winter storms drive huge waves against the Pembrokeshire coastline and we have to take diversions to avoid the beach boulders and debris tossed across the roads, a wave-inspired dining table finds an altogether more peaceful home in a beautiful … Read More

The lighhouse cabinet

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Late last year a client arrived to discuss a cabinet for his new Georgian appartment in Clifton, Bristol.  He was carefully carrying a large cardboard box.  When I asked what the cabinet was for he openned the box and removed … Read More

Nature in Art exhibition

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delighted to have my work in the British Contemporary Crafts exhibition at the Nature in Art Gallery near Gloucester, UK,  13 Nov – 16 Dec.

rock pool collection pictures

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Here is the collection of sculptural lights and tables inspired by the tiny marine world inside a hole in a large boulder at Caer Bwdy Bay near St Davids in Pembrokeshire.