This is a blog about making pots and how we can move towards greener lives and a greener society.

It might not be an obvious combination, but I’ve tried separating my potting and planet-saving personae online and it just felt dishonest and disconnected.  And let’s face it the only way we are going to improve anything is through honesty and connection.

I’ve always loved to find connections.  I remember being enthralled in my teens by a James Burke TV series called just that, Connections. Through study, or work or love I’ve been lucky to be involved with architecture, music, physics, sound engineering, science writing, environmental journalism, natural history radio, natural history TV, furniture making, landscape painting and more, and it’s the connections between them, the points of meeting and cross fertilisation, that have been the most creative, fruitful, and fun.

So, since making pots and living a greener life are what occupy me at the moment, I’ll write about them both here and see what emerges. If you’re curious and scroll down you’ll also find posts on painting and furniture-making from the blog’s former lives.

If any of this connects with you and sparks ideas, then please comment and share. It would be great to hear from you, honestly.

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