I was thinking of calling this site “sum ergo facio”… I am therefore I make…. except that it could come across as a touch pretentious or sound like a US college fraternity.  I’ve seen it written the other way round… facio ergo sum…. but my existence clearly doesn’t depend on making. It’s just that for me, like many others, making seems to flow out of being alive.  I can’t help it and I love it.

So, “love of making” it is.

For some 25 years I was lucky enough to make radio for the BBC – sound engineering, then producing and presenting at the Natural History Unit.  I even made a bit of TV on the side. Then I retrained and spent the best part of a decade designing and making furniture.  More recently I’ve been painting and my current focus is on making pots.

Although this site started out as a way of publicising and selling the furniture I’m now at an age and stage that I can make without needing it to pay the bills, and I hope the site will become a place to collect and share ideas and images of what I and others make and what inspires us.

So do please contribute, converse, comment and follow the blog and I hope you’ll find something to enjoy.