When I began painting it was because I wanted to bring the beauty of nature home.  I wanted to feel what I felt in the woods and on the hills when I was in front of the fire.  I wanted to capture the essence of a season, a place, a moment, and hang it on the wall.  But in painting I found much more.

After years of talking about nature – I used to make radio programmes at the BBC Natural History Unit – painting let me begin a new conversation, a wordless way of engaging with the world.   Painting is so primal, so physical and earthy – a hand making marks with pigment on a wall – and yet so full of potential for discernment, subtlety and feeling.  So now the landscape, the paints and I have a three way conversation about nature, creativity, and being a human witness to the beauty of it all.

You can read recent musings on the art blog which you can follow here.  You can also see some of the landscape-inspired furniture that I made over several years between the radio-making and the now full-time painting.  But most of all I hope you’ll enjoy the paintings.

Do contact me with questions or comments and to purchase or commission work.

Thanks, and I hope you’ll stay in touch.