pots, paint, and furniture by grant sonnex

trees, lines and glazing

Two nice things today.  First, walking Brindley in the woods this morning, the trees were suggesting all sorts of ways to use lines on a...

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Earth first bowl

Now that this blog has metamorphosed into a blog about pots and planet, I look back with fondness on this first pot with its earthy...

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handmade stoneware vase by Grant Sonnex

birch bark vase

The mixture of matt and shiny white glazes and the way they interact reminded me very much of the birch trunks that I see daily...

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inspiration rocks

The other day I went in search of a beach that I last visited almost 20 years ago.  It had stayed in my memory because...

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What I fancy making

A week walking in the Yorkshire Dales and then a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with its new Sean Scully exhibition has left my...

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Poetry is not words

Poetry is not an arrangement of words, but a quality of openness, a distillation of experience and a refinement of expression. So to paint a...

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The language of images

  In the introduction to Kathleen Raine’s selected poems she says, nature poetry is not what we write about nature, but rather the language of...

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There is this interplay between the idea and what happens with the paint.  If the paint dominates, there is mess.  If the idea dominates there...

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a bowl of water and light

I've just delivered a painting to a client who wanted to bring the essence of a landscape that she'd known since childhood into her home. ...

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Painting is like toddler talk

I heard a toddler the other day copying his parents’ talking but making no sense.  Blah, blah, b’blah, blah, he said.  He couldn’t understand what...

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something as living as nature

I want to create surfaces that have the energy and life of natural surfaces that become as fascinating and infinitely explorable as the natural world....

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